Sarah’s rheumatology research wows judges in Keele competition

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Sarah Logan (pictured) works as a specialist nurse with people who have rheumatology conditions. Sarah was awarded the Ted Hothersall PhD Award in 2020. This allows her to study for the award of a PhD qualification and includes carrying out a piece of research. Research is important to make sure that practitioners are providing the best possible care that meets the needs of the people they care for. Her research involves finding out what information people with rheumatoid arthritis want to know when they are starting a drug treatment called Methotrexate, and how best to provide this information. Sarah is doing this by inviting people to take part in confidential interviews to talk about their experiences of starting Methotrexate. This will help learn how we can best help people with rheumatoid arthritis have the information that they want and need when starting Methotrexate.

Sarah said: “I recently took part in an ‘Advertising Your Research’ competition as part of the Keele University Postgraduate Conference. As researchers we need to try hard to let as many people as possible know what our research is about, how they can take part and what they will need to do to take part in the research.

“This is important because we want to hear from a wide range of people to understand different points of view. To take part in the competition I had to find a way to advertise the research in a way that people with rheumatoid arthritis would find interesting and easy to understand.

I wrote a poem that could be displayed in rheumatology clinics and included with the information inviting people to take part in the research. I was delighted to be awarded first place in the People’s Choice and runner-up in the Judge’s Choice.”

Sarah’s poem:


Mee-tho-trex-ate, a name that’s hard to say,

A drug that promises to help RA,

Rheumatoid arthritis,

When it’s hard to move, stiff, swollen, sore joints

And oh, so tired!

You’ll see a nurse to tell you about Methotrexate for RA,

Questions and answers, who to call?

The information to recall,

Where to look to find out more?

Tablets to order, blood tests to book.

And now a chance to have a say and

Help the care of others with RA.

Tell us how best to let you know

How to get Methotrexate on the go

To keep RA at bay, to live your life day-to-day

 It’s a friendly chat, about your thoughts,

 We’re keen to hear what you have to say.

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