Foundation grant supports pump-priming of a professor in rheumatology nursing post

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The Haywood Foundation have approved a grant to pump-prime a professor of Rheumatology nursing post.

Sarah Ryan, Professor of Rheumatology Nursing at the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Haywood Foundation member said: “Being awarded this grant has led to research that can influence patient care.

“One study identified the challenges involved for some patients in attending regularly for drug monitoring and health professionals can help by ensuring the work patients are asked to do as part of their treatment is achievable. Another study highlighted the need to involve patients in how we communicate health risks to patients to avoid causing unnecessary distress.

“Being able to create videos on pain management and an APP to help people with inflammatory arthritis manage their condition, increases the range of resources that patients and family members can access. Being able to support other colleagues on their research journey (for example through the Ted Hothersall PhD Fellowship) is increasing our understanding about the information needs of people with rheumatoid arthritis commencing Methotrexate, as well as increasing the number of nurse researchers actively involved in exploring issues that are important to people living with a rheumatological condition.”

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