Bright idea puts patients’ feet first

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haywood news

The Haywood Foundation runs the ‘Bright Ideas’ scheme. We ask for any ideas that will enhance the lives of people living with arthritis and related conditions. The ideas don’t have to be complicated; they can just be simple solutions to everyday issues.

Spinal extended scope practitioner, Lucy Huckfield (pictured), based at the Haywood Hospital, sees patients who often struggle to get their shoes back on after an assessment, particularly in the spinal clinics.

Lucy contacted June Brammar at the Haywood Foundation with her ‘Bright Idea’ and asked if she could have some long-handled shoehorns to alleviate the difficulty of putting shoes back on.

Lucy said: “What may be an everyday task to us was causing a great deal of pain to many of my patients. The Haywood foundation has purchased some shoehorns and it is making a huge difference already. They are also very easy to wipe down and sanitise after each use.”

If you have a ‘Bright Idea’, whether you have arthritis and related conditions, you are a carer, or a practitioner please send it to June Brammar or call 07929 875554

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